A bronze grade rating has been awarded by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) to the Biotechnology Innovation Base Cluster.

The European Cluster Excellence Program has been developed to qualify the work of management organizations at EU level. The cluster was able to receive the diploma based on the results of a benchmarking interview with the Hungarian expert of the organization. The qualification has three levels: the commitment to quality as the entry level is the Bronze Rating.

The Berlin-based ESCA is the official institute for European Cluster Excellence Qualifications, which conducts quality audits of cluster operations. During the qualification, the experts take into account operational, performance and efficiency indicators, which also include the qualifications, competencies and personal performance evaluation practices of the members of the cluster management organization. The indicators show the cooperation skills and results of the cluster members, the number and usefulness of workshops, trainings, benchmarking and international business meetings, the level of visibility of the clusters in the national and international environment, the amount of R&D activities and innovative products and services. In addition to the quality audit (based on the experience of international certifications), the organization also provides guidance and support to the creators and users of cluster policy in the field of cluster development. The organization issues bronze, silver and gold grades.


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