The Health Industry Innovation Center of Pécs Ltd.
GINOP-1.3.2-15-2018-00036 tender

"New Generation" - Strengthening the Biotechnology Innovation Base cluster, renewing its international market opportunities

Present tender of the Health Industry Innovation Center of Pécs Ltd. (hungarian name: Pécsi Egészségipari Innovációs Központ Zrt. in the folowing in short: PEIK Zrt.) has been developed in accordance with the needs of the member companies of the BIB cluster, taking into account the tender conditions of GINOP-1.3.2-2015.
Our main goal is to create international visibility and ensure a stronger market presence for our member companies. Determining aspect was to increase the small laboratorys production efficiency which can produce IVDs, to introduce internationally the products which manifactured on the new platform, and to increase their marketability and the utilization of the laboratory for cluster members research activity.

The methodology for compiling the tender was based on the BIB cluster needs assessment and it was also determined by the experience of the managing organization (PEIK). The needs assessment took place in personal meetings and discussions, remaining on the ground of realities. During the tender developping, we took into account the cost-effective use of the opportunities. It was important to intensify the activities of the cluster, to create opportunities for joint activities and collaborations. We operates the building where the cluster managmenet company, ergo the PEIK stays. In this building there ar other companies too, who are appear as tenants here, and teher is a need to bring them into a joint activity and to utilize incubation experience also.

At the Pécs Innovation Center, there is an ongoing grouping of electric engineer, designer and constructor companies who made an electricity cluster initiative which can make the work of our cluster more visible and even more economical.