Cluster management
Corporate incubation for start-up companies
R & D and product development

Cluster management

Pécs Health Industry Innovation Center Ltd. (PEIK) cluster management services

  1. Partnership strengthening between cluster members

  2. Joint product and technology development

  3. Encourage cluster collaborations

  4. Search for Partners

  5. R & D & I activity

  6. Project generation

  7. Benchmarking activity

  8. Creating cluster strategies

  9. Needs assessment and satisfaction measurement

  10. Participation and joint representation in events, exhibitions

  11. Online cluster appearance

  12. Tender monitoring, application writing, project management

  13. Organization of lectures, courses, trainings

Corporate incubation for start-up companies

Corporate incubation for start-up companies from idea to implementation

  1. Patent attorney services, legal and Industrial rights consulting for the protection of intellectual property

  2. Legal advice on legal issues arising during incubation

  3. Project management

  4. Business management service, PR, HR, IT, marketing, design, quality assurance

  5. Business management, interim management, leadership services

  6. Accounting, auditing, payroll and tax expert services

  7. Strategic, planning, analysis services (feasibility, business plan, market analysis, economic analysis, etc.)

  8. Investment and financial consulting (preparing companies to receive capital)

  9. Administrative, additional services

R & D and product development

Pécs Health Industry Innovation Center Ltd. (PEIK) R&D and product development services

  1. Development, production, quantitative production and independent quality assessment of monoclonal antibodies

  2. Production of antibody-based immunological reagents for immunomorphological and immunoserological purposes under quality-assured manufacturing conditions

  3. Production of immunological reagents for research and laboratory diagnostic purposes in the form of a complex kit and for placing on the market as a quality-assured product

  4. Development of rapid tests for laboratory and home use for the detection of components in biological samples (blood serum, urine, in vitro culture supernatant)